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B2ST Members Open Up About Their Complex

In the latest episode of MBC Everyone's "Showtime - Burning the BEAST" the boys of B2ST talked about their various complexes.

Jun 20, 2014 02:19 PM BST
(Photo : Cube Entertainment)

In the latest episode of MBC Everyone's "Showtime - Burning the BEAST", which aired on June 19, the boys of B2ST talked about their various complexes.

In this particular episode, the members had to complete a mission which had them singing together for a write who broke up with her boyfriend a month beforehand. Also featured on this episode were BTS footages from the group's preparations for their comeback.

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During the group discussion, Doojoon shared, "I originally had a complex about my eyes." Yoseob chimed in a pointed out that it had a lot of white. The other members also made fun of it because he used a term commonly referring to eggs such as egg whites. Doojoon agreed, saying he used to be very self-conscious about the whites of his eyes. However, the B2ST leader said he's more confident about his eyes, which contribute a lot to his charismatic gaze.

Also, Dongwoon shared that at first he didn't like his ears, and then he also revealed that he didn't like his eyes. "It stresses me out because they're so deep," he said, "so when the light falls on me, it casts a shadow." The other members even teased him for looking like a ghost.

However, Kikwang gave some encouragement to Dongwoon by saying that he envies Dongwoon's natural V-line. Kikwang also said that while most people were still struggling to have plastic surgery to get a perfect V-line, Dongwoon's are already naturally well-shaped. Hyunseung jokingly said,  "You never know," which made everyone laugh.

Meanwhile, the guys of B2ST recently made a comeback with their latest track, "Good Luck". The boys immediately shot to the top of the charts shortly after the release of their album and music video. From the cute lads in the "Bad Girl" music video, the members of B2ST have metamorphosed into handsome guys in the "Good Luck" music video.


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