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BEAST Share The Secret Behind Peacefully Resolving Conflict Within The Group

BEAST talk about surviving the "five-year curse". In the world of K-pop, there's such a thing as the "five-year curse", a time during which idol groups are expected to enter a year of crisis that might make or break them.

Jul 12, 2014 06:50 AM BST
(Photo : Cube Entertainment)

In the world of K-pop, there's such a thing as the "five-year curse", a time during which idol groups are expected to enter a year of crisis that might make or break them. There have been several reasons and examples for this, mostly suggesting that around this time members are most likely to develop discord among the group, or even begin aspire for different goals.

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In an interview with BEAST on July 8, the idol group declined any belief in the "five-year curse", saying that they've successful gone past that. The group said, "It's not like we even entertained such thoughts. All of us [in the group] are friends, and even with Dongwoon being the youngest, well are carry our work equally and impartially."

They also said, "If a problem ever comes up, it doesn't get bloated up into a big issue. We resolve it well. When our opinions clash, we decide by majority vote, so it's easy. Things that we thought easily about seemed to have turned out well."

BEAST, who have come into a plateau with their fans, said, "Instead of causing fans to worry about such curse, our main goal is to do things without trouble. This is how we are able to pay back to everyone who support us and showed interest in us. As singers, we think of that as our primary duty."

Yoseob also said, "It's amazing that six members hold similar views. For instance, say that I had planned a solo activity at the same time BEAST prepares for an album, I think it would be best for the BEAST album to come out first. I'm more focused on group activities than on solo activities. When we're talking about activities, we talk more about the ones we do as a group. When the opportunity to talk about individual activities comes up, as much as possible we put our individual activities on hold until such as a time when we are no longer busy with BEAST activities.

As to the secret to keeping the group's harmony, the boys say its relying on majority vote.

Junhyung also said, "So far, things have been pretty good. We haven't had any discord or serious problems with any of the members. We still have a lot of years left in our contract with the company. About that [number of years], we spend time being oblivious to that, so we really don't notice. Whenever we have to decide on something, we do it by majority vote and it never fails. If more than three people are present, everyone follows. More than anything, it feels like we yield a lot. Instead of members being stubborn, it is good that we concede [to the majority]. This has been our habit ever since we were trainees, so it's no longer a big thing now. It seems like we are really kind."

In addition, BEAST also shared their thoughts on dating. Since a lot of idol group members have unveiled their relationship, BEAST were asked about their thoughts on this, Hyunseung said, "Honestly, it seems that people have become more accepting about idols dating compared to how things were in the past. Despite this acceptance, it seems like no one is actually firmly revealing their relationship. There's anyone doing that out there. If you get caught, that's the only time you reveal it."


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