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G-Dragon Dishes Out on Big Bang, Fashion, and His Love For Haru

On the latest instalment of "Entertainment Relay", G-Dragon talked about fashion, Tablo's daughter Haru, and updates on Big Bang.

Jul 20, 2014 10:42 AM BST
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(Photo : KBS 2TV)

On the latest instalment of "Entertainment Relay", G-Dragon talked about fashion, Tablo's daughter Haru, and updates on Big Bang.

"Entertainment Relay" caught up with G-Dragon for an interview on the set of the singer's photo shoot. On the show, G-Dragon expressed his love for fashion, "Rather than being [especially] concerned with airport fashion, I'm the type to put effort into whatever I wear whenever I go out." G-Dragon also shared a few summer fashion tips, saying, "Since it's summer, it's appropriate to simply wear a white t-shirt and jeans."

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The reporter then mentioned that Lee Joon, Kim Woo Bin, and Yeo Jin Goo are some of G-Dragon's celebrity fans who actually admire his charms. "What is the secret to how other men fall for your charms?" the reporter asked, to which G-Dragon replied, "Since they're younger than me, they might think that if they hang out with me, it would be fun."

G-Dragon also talked about his best friend, Taeyang, "Not only is [Taeyang] my same-age friend, but he is a friend who I've trained with since I was little so we challenge each other." Being the leader of Big Bang, G-Dragon said he feels responsible for watching over his group mates activities, "If they did well, I tell them and if they did badly, I tell them. I just tell them honestly the way I see and feel it... I watched [Taeyang's 'Eyes, Nose, Lips'] MV very well. He kissed well... Come to think of it, all of my Big Bang members had kiss scenes. Only I didn't have one." He jokingly added, "That is why for this coming Big Bang album, I want to kiss from start to finish... I will do it with Seungri."

G-Dragon also talked about his adoration for Tablo's daughter Haru, "Haru is so pretty. Haru usually calls the Big Bang friends, 'uncle'. But she only calls me 'oppa' so I like it very much... Haru yah, you can't buy me. But I will treat you to delicious food." In relation to this, the reporter asked about G-Dragon's plans to have children someday. On this, G-Dragon replied, "I definitely want a daughter. I want to have a daughter as soon as possible."

The most heated question up in the air  right now is when Big Bang will finally make their comeback. To satisfy fans' curiosity, G-Dragon said, "We are working hard on recording the album. We don't know when, but we are waiting to meet [our fans] as soon as possible so please wait a bit longer and we will greet you with a good album."

TagㆍG-DragonBig BangHaru

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