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Sojin Wells Up After Finding Out Her Confidence Level is Low

Sojin received surprising results after undergoing tests to determine her physical health and stress levels.

Jul 24, 2014 04:54 PM BST
TAGㆍSojinGirl's Day

Girl's Day guest starred on the July 23 broadcast of KBS 2TV's "Vitamin" wherein Sojin was tested on various things to determine her physical health and stress levels.

The Girl's Day leader revealed that she was the type of person who gets stressed easily, particularly by aggravating herself. The doctor on the showed reported that while Sojin had good results for the physical test, the same could not be said for her tests on stress and depression. The doctor said that too much stress has adverse effects on the body's immunity. Sojin was diagnosed with having low self-confidence, which surprised many on the show as she has always been known as a charismatic leader. She was then advised to frequently look at herself in the mirror and compliment herself.

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Hyeri said that giving compliments would not work well on Sojin since she's the type to just ignore compliments, thinking most of the time they're not sincere. At this point, Sojin had begun to tear up although she was laughing at the same time. When asked why she was crying, she said that she felt like she'd been caught.

To cheer her up, Kim Sook joked that Sojin should join her group together with comedian's Song En Yi, Lee Young Ja, and Kwon Jin Young, saying that the latter contracted the princess virus, so Sojin might catch it too.

Hopefully, Sojin realizes that she has nothing to be worried about and she has to be comfortable with her amazing self. 

TagㆍSojinGirl's Day

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