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PD Park Sung Hoon Reveals BoA's Reasons for Leaving K-Pop Star

After it was unveiled that BoA and SM Entertainment will not be returning to K-Pop Star 3, many viewers are now wondering about the program format that might occur next season.

Oct 9, 2013 08:58 AM BST
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As for BoA, Producer Park Sung Hoon divulged the real reason behind her departure from the panel of judges.

PD Park Sung Hoon said, "After the finale of season 2, BoA was in the state of a dilemma. She talked it over with the staff and she revealed how she felt proud and satisfied for accomplishing her role as a judge for the past two years.

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"However, before she is a judge, BoA is an active singer. As a singer, she had a lot of domestic and overseas schedules that were pushed back. I think she experienced some conflicting feelings for being unable to carry out those schedules. Her schedules increased to the point that she was unable to push them back so after a lot of thought, she decided to leave.

"BoA has a lot of affection for ["K-Pop Star"] so it was difficult for her to leave. Although it's good for her to have success as "judge" BoA, it is also important for "singer" BoA to have success as well."

It was earlier revealed that Yoo Hee Yeol of Antenna Music will replace BoA, joining J.Y Park (JYP Entertainment) and Yang Hyun Suk (YG Entertainment) on the judges' panel for K-Pop Star 3.

TagㆍBoAK-pop Star

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