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WINNER Explains Why Their Debut Got Delayed, Plus More On Their Songs

The boys were formally introduced at the "2014 S/S Grand Launch"!

Aug 6, 2014 05:48 PM BST
(Photo : YG Entertainment)

At the "2014 S/S Grand Launch" for WINNER's debut album, held this August 6 at the Conrad Seoul Hotel, the boys explained why their debut got delayed. They also talked about their title track "Void", which was written B.I who was actually part on Team B on during the TV show "WIN".

WINNER stated, "We think of our communication with the public as the most important thing.  We think it is important how sincerely we deliver and express the messages in our sincere songs.  While preparing for our debut the last ten months, we had a lot of good experiences.

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However, we wanted to show as quickly as possible the good experiences we had, but our debut date was pushed back.  We wanted to stand before the public quickly, so it was hard for us inwardly.  However, we prepared diligently during the delayed time. We devoted our heart and soul while participating in lyric writing and composition."

The boys went on to reveal that they made 30 songs in a span of 10 months, saying, "There are ten songs on our album, most of which are songs that we recently worked on.  I think we did not like the songs we worked on in the early stages because the members were learning how to compose.  We chose the ten best songs."

"Void" was actually composed by Team B's B.I and written in part by Team B's Bobby. The hip hop track features an amazing guitar riff plus a catchy chorus. Furthermore, fans can expect to get a taste of WINNER's amazing vocals and rap skills.

Kang Seung Yoon said, "It might seem like we're not on good terms with Team B from 'WIN,' but we actually still meet each other in the studio to talk and work together.  B.I gave us the song 'Void' as a present, and we readily recorded it.  We are grateful to B.I because the song matches our color so well."

YG's Yang Hyun Suk added, "I wish fans would not misunderstand parts like that.  'Void' is a song in which B.I and Bobby participated in.  That part in particular I wish fans would not misunderstand.  I wish they would understand it as a collaboration among a family."

Furthermore, it was also announced that WINNER's fan club will be called "Inner Circle".

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