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SM Entertainment Is K-Pop's Voldemort, "Ssul Jeon" Panel Says

On the August 7 broadcast of JTBC’s “Ssul Jeon”, the panel talked about JYJ’s rocky relationship with SM Entertainment after they left the agency.

Aug 8, 2014 05:59 PM BST

On the August 7 broadcast of JTBC's "Ssul Jeon", the panel talked about JYJ's rocky relationship with SM Entertainment after they left the agency. At that time, JYJ members' lawsuit against SM Entertainment was a heated controversy and they were still unable to appear on various music programs and more.

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The show's production crew managed to hold an interview with C-JeS Entertainment, saying, "Currently, we have no schedule on the major broadcasting networks, and the future is unclear, as well. We composed the album to make it suitable for concerts more than TV. Once in a while, a worker who does not know anything about this (the situation) would say, 'There's no problem with us. We can have you on the show,' and adds them to the lineup. However, a few days later they'll get back to us and say, 'Sorry. I really did not know. I'm getting pressure from the higher ups.'"

Heo Ji Woon then joked, "In JYJ's case, is SM Enterainment'Voldemort'? Is that a name we cannot say?"

Kim Gu Ra then explained that it was an obvious choice for the broadcasters because common sense would say they prefer SM Entertainment, which is home to some of K-Pop's top groups such as Girls' Generation and EXO, over JYJ if they needed to choose sides.

Park Ji Yoon added that he wondered why JYJ members were still able to bag roles in dramas. Kim Gu Ra pointed out that the drama industry was bigger, to which Park Ji Yoon added that since JYJ has a larger fanbase across Asia, concentrating on dramas would be more profitable for them.

Heo Ji Woong commented that he understands SM Entertainment's sentiments as well, "If they let this [JYJ] issue go, then this can become a broken symbolic model. If something similar happens in the future, it can become a disadvantage for them."

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