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After School Nana on 'Roommate': "I Really Need to Draw the Line with Jo Se Ho"

A lot of speculations have been coming out that After School's Nana is getting closer to comedian Jo Se Ho in the program "Roommate"

Aug 18, 2014 08:08 AM BST
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(Photo : SBS Roommate)

After School's Nana has opened up about her relationship with comedian Jo Se Ho.

The August 17 episode of SBS’ variety program “Roommate” featured the cast members’ trips to Taiwan and Japan in celebration of 100 days of living together in the “Roommate” home.

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In this episode, cameras showed Nana and Jo Se Ho doing some stretching exercises together before going to bed. It seems that the friendship between the two members have been getting closer in their trip to Taiwan, which have caused the viewers’ expectations of a new couple.

In one of Nana’s individual interviews, the producersthen asked her, “Are you two going to get married at this rate?” After she had heard this, she was completely shocked and jokingly said, “My mom might become shocked [after she hears this].”

Nana then explained: “I think I’ve been too accepting of Se Ho oppa these days. Now I feel like I need to draw the line a little so that oppa doesn’t go any further.”

TagㆍAfter SchoolNanaSBS Roommate

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