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[BREAKING] Sulli and Choiza Captured on a Date Again by 'Dispatch', Sulli Rumoured to Have Left f(x)

The relationship between Sulli and Choiza won't just die that fast as the two were again spotted to be on an alleged date last August 10

Aug 19, 2014 07:46 AM BST
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Choiza and Sulli
(Photo : Dispatch)

Images of Dynamic Duo's Choiza and f(x)'s Sulli have been caught once more by news outlet Dispatch as they were on their "said" date on August 10.

From the beginning that the news between them broke, it has still been unclear whatlevel of relationship is the two at, although it has been showing that every hint that the two being a couple, their relationship have been denied by the agencies.

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Also, there have been several of Instagram posts from Choiza's cousin, that suggest that Sulli could have possibly been going out with Choiza after the news that she will take a break from her activities.

To add more fuel to the fire, Dispatch has now unveiled the photos seen below that they say were taken on the night of August 10.

Also reported by the media outlet, Sulli and Choiza had enjoyed a night-outing to Namsan Tower and were walking around together, having Choiza holding Sulli's hand. Their night didn't finish in that point as they visited a drive through theater to see the screening of her movie 'Pirates' from the car.

Being this the situation, reports have been coming that Sulli having left f(x), especially due to what Dispatch allegedly wrote before immediately changing their article to read differently.

Media outlets reported that Dispatch had originally written in their article, "During this, the rift between Sulli and SM grew deeper. It's said that the conflicts between the two exploded over the issue of the repackaged album. An issue arose during the process of selecting the follow-up song, and ultimately, Sulli asked to leave the group."

However, soon after publishing their article, Dispatch re-wrote their sentence to read, "Of course Sulli's f(x) activities were not easy. It's said she thought a lot about being a singer vs. an actress. During then, she ultimately decided to leave the team. It's because she wanted to concentrate on acting instead of singing."

This changed sentence seems like it could be talking about her going on a break for an indefinite leave from the group, however the original sentence was into the picture, making a suggestion that Dispatch is saying that Sulli has alsready withdrawn from the group.

But, it maybe that Dispatch changed their original sentence because they found out they had a mistake.

Agencies have not yet issued a statement on the current images that went out and also, Sulli's alleged withdrawal from the group.

Tagㆍsullif(x)Dynamic DuoChoiza

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