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Sulli and Choiza Spotted Out On A Date... Again!

Dispatch recently released a photo of the singer and Dynamic Duo Choiza spending some time together on August 10.

Aug 19, 2014 05:47 PM BST
Choiza and Sulli

With everyone wondering about what's up with f(x) member Sulli, media outlet Dispatch recently released a photo of the singer and Dynamic Duo Choiza spending some time together on August 10.

Many continue to speculate, but everyone is still confused as to the true status of Sulli and Choiza's relationship. Last year, the two were also spotted holding hands while walking around the streets. Their respective agencies quickly denied dating rumors.

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Lately, the dating rumors resurfaced after a citizen allegedly got hold of Choiza's wallet and posted a photo of the contents of the wallet including a photo of supposedly Sulli and Choiza. Furthermore, Choiza's cousin got the two into a heaping of speculations after a photo of them hanging out by the beach and another photo of them holdings were posted on Instagram.

Amidst all this, Sulli's status with f(x) also seems to be affected.

Going back to the August 10 photos, according to Dispatch, Sulli and Choiza were having fun during a night-out to the Namsan Tower. The two happily walked around together. Choiza was even spotted to have held Sulli's hand at one point just to make sure she doesn't slip. The two later visited a drive through theatre to watch the screening of Sulli's movie "Pirates".

In addition to the dating rumors, there are now reports saying that Sulli may have already left f(x).

According to other media outlets, Dispatch originally wrote on the article that, "During this, the rift between Sulli and SM grew deeper. It's said that the conflicts between the two exploded over the issue of the repackaged album. An issue arose during the process of selecting the follow-up song, and ultimately, Sulli asked to leave the group."

Shortly after the publishing of the article, Dispatch edited the article to read, "Of course Sulli's f(x) activities were not easy. It's said she thought a lot about being a singer vs. an actress. During then, she ultimately decided to leave the team. It's because she wanted to concentrate on acting instead of singing."

However, they're all hearsay for now and the parties' reps have yet to comment.


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