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Rain's New Drama Series Now The Most Expensive Distributed in China

Rain's "My Lovely Girl" is priced at $200,000 USD per episode! Multi-talented star Rain marked his continuous domination in China with his new upcoming SBS drama series "My Lovely Girl".

Sep 3, 2014 01:03 PM BST

Multi-talented star Rain marked his continuous domination in China with his new upcoming SBS drama series "My Lovely Girl". The drama series now took over "You Who Came From the Stars'" spot as the most expensively distributed Korean drama series in China via Youku-Tudou.

Youku-Tudou purchased the distribution rights to "My Lovely Girl" for a whopping $200,000 USD per episode. In total, "My Lovely Girl" was sold at around $3,200,000 USD since the drama is confirmed to run for 16 episodes.

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A representative of SBS commented on the drama's newfound success, saying, "Top Chinese video [distribution] companies were racing to purchase the rights to 'My Lovely Girl'. During this process, the price bids naturally went up. Between the strong Hallyu wave in China and Rain's comeback timing, the drama had one of the highest Chinese export price."

According to insiders, "My Lovely Girl" may surpass "It's Okay, That's Love's" current record as Rain's drama series is expected to gain $80,000 more with each episode. Other than the fact that it's THE Rain that will have you swoon in this new drama, excitement is running high since this will be Rain's comeback performance after 4 years of hiatus from the TV series department.

Rain will star opposite f(x)'s Krystal, and this new tandem is piquing everyone's interest recently.  

A representative for an outsourcing company further pitted "My Lovely Girl" against past top-scoring drama series in terms of sales in China, "Last year, 'The Heirs' was marked at 30,000 USD per episode, and every drama that came out thereafter, such as 'Three Days', 'You Who Came From the Stars', 'Fate to Love You', and 'It's Ok, That's Love' consistently saw a rise in distribution prices. After one year, the prices had increased by 6-fold. As of now, the net worth of Korean material seems to be improving."

Last year, 'Heirs' was worth 30,000 dollars per episode and every drama after, such as, 'Three Days', 'You Who Came From The Stars'. 'Fated To Love You', and 'It's Ok, That's Love', was continuously rising the distribution prices. Within one year, the distribution price increased by 6 fold. For now, the worth of Korean content is looking to be on the rise."


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