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Taewoon Angers Netizens After Tweet About Ladies' Code

SPEED'S Taewoon found himself in trouble after he posted a tweet that angered netizens and fans of Ladies' Code.

Sep 6, 2014 05:03 PM BST

SPEED member Taewoon found himself in trouble after he posted a tweet that angered netizens and fans of Ladies' Code.

Many are still shocked by the accident that befell the girls of Ladies' Code and how it took the life of member EunB. However, it seems that Taewoon's tweet offended many as it made mention of the group's "I'm Fine Thank You" track and how netizens are pushing their efforts to get the song on top in tribute of EunB.

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In his tweet, Taewoon lamented that sympathy should remain as sympathy, and the things happening right now should not have been governed by overwhelming emotion. Furthermore, the SPEED member said that people should've paid attention to people while they still exist and not after when they have died. Finally, Taewoon said, "I really wish we could give her a peaceful send-off." Although he did not mention any names, it's clear his tweet is referring to EunB's death and how Ladies' Code is getting a lot of attention following the accident.

However, fan took the message negatively, thinking that it is attacking fans' efforts to get Ladies Code's song, "I'm Fine Thank You" to number 1 in fulfillment of EunB's wish.

Criticism was sparked as many felt he was criticizing the fact that people helped to fulfill a wish, and because of his wording, describing it as 'nonsense events'. However, it seems Taewoon could have perhaps been stating that this effort may not really be something that will help in peacefully sending off EunB and that it angers him that people are only now giving them attention.

When the tweet started to receive unwanted attention, it was then deleted. Taewoon then tweeted that it's better to keep his mouth shut, so as to avoid any miscommunication like the one that had happened.

Later on, Taewoon apologized to the public. He also said his condolences and is hoping for the other members' recovery.


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