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Korean Celebrities Had Fun at Justin Bieber's Concert and Joined Him at the Concert After Party

It was one big party filled with celebrities at Korea's Gangnam district yesterday, as all flew in to celebrate with Justin Bieber for the success of his concert.

Oct 11, 2013 07:54 AM BST
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Looks like Korean celebrities are big fans of Justin Bieber, too!

During the Believe Concert, which was held at the Olympic Park Stadium, many Korean idols were spotted singing and dancing along to Bieber's tunes. Among them were miss A's Jia and Min, Wonder Girls' Lim, and 2AM's Jo Kown.

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In a video posted by Jo Kwon on his Instragram account, they all seemed to be having the most fun. You can even hear them sing, "Baby, baby, baby, oh..." which is a line from Justin Bieber's "My World" hit "Baby".

Netizens commented, "The JYP family have assembled to attend Justin Bieber's concert in Korea," "It appears that they proceeded to Justin Bieber's concert after J.Y. Park's wedding ceremony ended," and "Jo Kwon, Lim, Jia, and Min show no sign of pretending. It's nice to see."

But the party did not end at Justin Bieber's concert. After the show Bieber himself proceeded to another party where he found himself in the company of some of the music industry's elite.

Bieber stopped by at Jay Park's AOMG launch party, held at The A club in Yeoksamdong in Gangnam. The event was filled with fun performances by various artists. The launch party then transitioned into Justin Bieber's very own after party, which a lot of celebrities flocked into, making it a night to remember for the district of Gangnam.

Some of the stars that attended the party were Girls Genereations' Hyoyeon, 2AM's Jo Kwon and Seulong, 2PM's Junsu (Jun. K) and Wooyoung, miss A's Min and Jia, Wonder Girls' Lim, Browned Eyed Girls' Ga In, Super Junior's Kangin and Ryeowook, G.Na, Jung Gyu Woon, 2NE1's CL and Dar, and Bieber's close friend G-Dragon.

TagㆍJustin BieberG-DragonMiss A2AM2PMSuper JuniorGirls GenerationWonder GirlsBrown Eyed Girls

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