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TaeTiSeo Show Preparations for "Holler" On Reality Show

On "The TaeTiSeo", the show featured some of the highlights of the girls' preparation for their comeback for "Holler".

Sep 24, 2014 07:07 PM BST

In the latest episode of OnStyle's "The TaeTiSeo", which aired on September 23rd. The show featured some of the highlights of the girls' preparation for their comeback for "Holler".

Tiffany began by prepping up for their choreography for "Holler". On their new routine, Tiffany commented that her leg no longer goes as far up as it used back in the old days. Despite the complex dance routine for "Holler", the girls braved through it with zero complaints!

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During the practice, the girls were greeted with great news that their pre-released song had already topped the charts. The girls happily cheered and thanked the fans for supporting the song even though it was not yet the title track.

Taking a brief blast from the past, Seohyun commented that preparing for a showcase brings her back to her training days during which she'd always dreamt about debuting.

The girls then gave comments on each other's dancing skills. Seohyun threw praises at Taeyeon for her dancing, from which she also draws inspiration to learn. As to Tiffany, Seohyun said she's a big ball of energy!

"Holler" is TaeTiSeo's second offering since "Twinkle" and the bar was set super high for this comeback because "Twinkle" did so well locally and abroad. "It took a long time for us to prepare for TaeTiSeo's album. We prepared as if we were preparing for a movie so every single outfit was handpicked together with the art team. This is truly a product from us," Tiffany shared.

"Honestly, I like the rings least out of all the accessories. I need to work my hands for the choreography, and the rings just get in the way. Compared to others, my fingers aren't that pretty. They look bulky," Taeyeon said.

It was then revealed on the show that Taeyeon injured her toenails from dancing too much on pointed shoes. 

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