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Did Jessica Drop Hints About Wedding and Fashion Business in "Jessica & Krystal"?

It seemed that the controversy has been brewing for quite some time before this. The whole of the K-pop fandom were dumbfounded and shocked by the news of Jessica's exit from Girls' Generation.

Oct 1, 2014 05:49 PM BST
Jessica, Krystal

The whole of the K-pop fandom were dumbfounded and shocked by the news of Jessica's exit from Girls' Generation. Nobody wanted it to happened and most certainly no one expected it to happen (not now at least), but could there have been telltale signs that gave a hint to all this?

A lot of people are pointing at OnStyle's "Jessica & Krystal" program, during which Jessica and Krystal shared a lot about their personal lives. In a particular episode, Jessica and Krystal talked about marriage and the possibility of the older Jung sister tying the knot someday. Although no confirmation was set, the thought of it made Krystal cry after which she asked Jessica to never get married.

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"Jessica & Krystal", on its part, was generally geared to show the two sister's lifestyles particularly their love for fashion. In one segment, Jessica dished out that she wants to get into the fashion industry. Perhaps no one expected a conflict of interest at that point since Jessica has always been known as one of the fashionistas in Girls' Generation and it seemed, at the time, that SM Entertainment was always supportive of her involvement in the fashion industry.

Producer Kim Ji Wook, who worked on "Jessica & Krystal" and now "The TaeTiSeo", said he didn't have any clue about what was truly going on between Jessica and her agency. The producer was also shocked by the reports since he never felt anything weird going on during filming. The producer also gave a very vague answer in response to rumors that Tyler Kwon was with Jessica during her New York filming for "Jessica & Krystal". "When we were together with Jessica, there was no mention of such," Kim Ji Wook said.

In relation to this, a TV insider said that Jessica and Krystal has been tapped to do a second season of the show before the controversy boiled down. "Jessica and Krystal already finished recording a [collaborative] album. They were even planning to start the second season of 'Jessica & Krystal'. But before all these could materialize, Jessica had departed from Girls' Generation."


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