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TaeTiSeo Sheds Tears on Final Episode of OnStyle Reality Show

Tears were flowing on the October 14 broadcast of "The TaeTiSeo" on OnStyle. Tears were flowing on the October 14 broadcast of "The TaeTiSeo" on OnStyle.

Oct 15, 2014 05:27 AM BST
(Photo : OnStyle)

Tears were flowing on the October 14 broadcast of "The TaeTiSeo" on OnStyle. Things got all the more emotional as it was the show's final episode and the girls started giving out their thanks to everyone who love, support, and trust them.

Super Junior's Heechul also appeared on the show to give the girls a piece of advice on handling hurting rumors.

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Heechul told Taeyeon in particular, "Don't check the internet and do not listen to people you do not know. People like this put their names on the line to talk to you," perhaps referring to bashers online. Heechul added, "Don't be hurt anymore," and then thoughtfully stroked Taeyeon's hair.

Taeyeon, grateful, thanked Heechul for coming over. The Girls' Generation leader also expressed her gratitude towards Tiffany.

"There are a lot of times for which I'm thankful [for Tiffany]. There was one time I stayed at home for over a week, and she insisted in taking me out to get some fresh air, saying I would get depressed if [I sulked in]. She's the person who can alter my moods."

With the October 14 episode being the last for "The TaeTiSEo", the production crew asked the girls, "Are you happy?"

When they were first asked the question at the beginning of the show, the girls were unprepared with an answer. Now, they wholeheartedly answered, "We're happy".

Taeyeon, who seemed to be the one with the most concerns in the group said, "At one point, I was earnestly searching for happiness. Instead of looking somewhere far, I found happiness here, just around me. Seeing how Taeyeon's disposition improved, Tiffany commented, "Taeyeon has changed."

Upon receiving presents from the production crew, Tiffany expressed her gratitude and said, "While I was promoting with TaeTiSeo, I was praying to meet people who would trust us and what over us carefully," and it seems that her prayers have indeed come true.

"The TaeTiSeo" first premiered on August 26 this year on OnStyle. The show chronicled the girls preparations for their comeback album "Holler" as well as other behind-the-scenes and personal escapades of the girls.


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