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Lee Hyori Shares Her Longing For "A Love That Never Ends"

Lee Hyori shows that she too is a hopeless romantic in her book recommendation for "Remember Me"

Oct 18, 2014 04:44 AM BST
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Through a recommendation letter published in Lim Kyung Sun's recently novel "Remember Me", diva Lee Hyori shared her own experiences with love. Because of Lee Hyori's recommendation of the book, "Remember Me" is gaining a lot of attention and interest from readers.

In her review of the romantic novel, Lee Hyori wrote, "I thought about love when I read 'Remember Me'. I remember all the struggles I went through to hold on to love when I was at a point in my life wherein I felt incomplete."

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"During those times, my love survived obstacles to some lengths, but eventually it crumbled under its own unbearable weight. Even with that realization, there were days when I felt reliant on someone, that I wouldn't be able to go on without leaning onto them. Upon reading this book, I felt apologetic to my loved ones, but I feel thankful at the same time."

Lee Hyori concluded her review with a bittersweet quotation which read, "Right now, I have my greatest love beside me, and I feel that I am able to stand on my own and find happiness step by step. Nevertheless, I still have the desire and longing for a love that has no end."

It seems that despite her cool girl and diva-like image Lee Hyori is still a hopeless romantic with dreams like fairy tale of love that never ends.

In her recommendation, Lee Hyori also noted that she recommends the book to everyone "who loves, wherever they may be."

In the meantime, Lee Hyori has been appearing in various variety shows such as "Magic Eye". She also announced her decision to shut down her personal blog soon after a year of running it

Did you find inspiration from Lee Hyori's words? Are you a hopeless romantic too like her?

Tagㆍlee hyori

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