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Friends of Singer Shin Hae Chul Expressed Worry and Asked Him to Wake Up Soon

HE STILL UNCONSCIOUS AND FRIENDS ARE GATHERING TO SHOW THEIR SUPPORT SO HE CAN RECOVER FAST Seasoned singer Shi Hae Chul was rushed to the hospital on the 21st for pain in the chest.

Oct 26, 2014 02:45 PM GMT
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Seasoned singer Shi Hae Chul was rushed to the hospital on the 21st for pain in the chest. He later suffered from cardiac arrest and remained unconscious since then. He was also said to be breathing through the respirator since he can't breathe on his own at the moment.

The singer is in serious condition and underwent 2 surgeries already since coming to the hospital, 4 days ago. However, even if he was declared out of danger, his condition has yet to stabilize further and gain consciousness.

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The shocking news had reached his close friends including Psy, Seo Tai Ji, Lee Seung Hwan, and Yoon Do Hyun, and many more. A lot of them had already visited the hospital to give support and urge him to wake up now.

Yoon Do Hyun and Psy went to the Asan Hospital last October 24 while Lee Seung Hwan and Seo Tai Ji dropped by the following day. According to KCA Entertainment, Shin Hae Chul's agency, those friends were so worried and pain was very evident on their faces as they look at the unconscious singer.

After visiting Shin Hae Chul at the hospital, Lee Seung Hwan took to his SNS and left a message for his friend, "Please wake up. You and I still got a lot of things to do together," he wrote.

On the other hand, Yoon Do Hyun remained very positive about his friend's condition and remarked, "Hae Chul hyung will get through this. If all of us will think this way, it will definitely happen."

Lastly, Seo Tai Ji expressed sadness about what happened to Hae Chul. He shed tears on the segment of Mnet Superstar K6's, ‘Seo Taiji's Mission.'

"Shin Hae Chul hyung is in a lot of pain right now. Please give him lots of support. I believe he will wake up right away once he get lots of support."

TagㆍShin Hae ChulSeo Tai JiPSY

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