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Is Epik High's New Track "Born Hater" Meant to Criticise Wollim Entertainment?

Netizens speculate that a part of the song's lyrics suggest "Born Hater" may be meant to target Woollim.

Nov 1, 2014 07:48 AM GMT
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(Photo : YG Entertainment)

Hip hop legend Epik High has made a stunning comeback under their new label, YG Entertainment. However, amidst the success the group is being dragged into a controversy over their new track "Born Hater" which many speculate is a diss track against Epik High's former label Woollim Entertainment.

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In response to the rumors, Epik High's Tablo stepped up to clear out the issue explaining that while it is true that "Born Hater" talked about their exit from Woollim Entertainment it wasn't meant to criticise the agency.

In an interview with Kyunghan news on October 30, Tablo revealed that when he's writing a song, he puts definite meaning and intention to every word he uses. With this, he asked people to properly interpret the line "fortune falling to draw infinite" on "Born Hater".

The mere mention of "infinite" had netizens speculating that it was in reference to Woollim Entertainment neglecting Epik High to focus their attention on boy group INFINITE.

Tablo added that the song has nothing to do with INFINITE. He explained that the song means "he failed to draw the line," not that he failed because of INFINITE.

In relation to this, Tablo then recalled back in 2010 a group called TaJinYo questioned the validity of Tablo's Stanford University degree. Although the said group retracted their malicious claims against Tablo, Woollim Entertainment saw Tablo's departure from the agency at that time.

"When the TaJinYo incident came out, that was the time when INFINITE was first starting out and word was already out that I was one of INFINITE's producers. I didn't want them to be involved in [the TaJinYo] controversy so I left the company on my own will," Tablo shared

Moreover, he revealed the TaJinYo incident put him through a difficult time and that he cried so much that he no longer knew what to do. However, things are looking up for the Epik High rapper who admits that he has moved on and that he can now laugh about the incident.

Tablo also shared that he still remains friends with the artists and the CEO of Woollim Entertainment. 

TagㆍEpik HighWoollim Entertainmentinfinite

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