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Expert Gives Analysis on Rain's Alleged Nude Photo

It was just recently when Rain's nude phot as been circulating the internet

Nov 19, 2014 08:50 PM GMT
(Photo : SBS)

It was just last week when a naked photo alleged to be idol star Rain has been circulating the world wide web. The star denied that it was his photo. Being said that, SBS' 'One Night Entertaintment' asked a digital forensics expert on their November 19 episode and proved that the man in the controversial photo is not Rain but someone else.

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The photo had a title of "Rain's girlfriend Kim Tae Hee lost her phone, and his naked photo has been leaked." However, it was stated by their agency that Kim Tae Hee did not lose her phone and those were not Rain's naked pictures.

'One Night of TV Entertainment' then asked an expert who can distinguish if the said man in the photo is Rain. The expert said, "For identification purposes, I usually look at the ears. The ears play a big part in distinguishing. In the picture, there are no earlobes, but Rain's earlobes are thick and big. The form of his eyebrows are also different for sure. In conclusion, this is not Rain. The fact that the eyes are covered in the picture means there is a 90% difference from this particular person."

It was also just recent when Rain's agency had filed a complaint regarding this photo circulating. The police involved in this case stated, "We are not sure of the first person who circulated [the picture] and are currently investigating into the first person who posted it onto a blog."

Do you agree with the identification expert?

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