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MBLAQ Becomes Emotional as They Address Break-Up Rumours on "Curtain Call"

MBLAQ finally break silence as they speak about the break-up rumour MBLAQ has finally broke their silence on they break-up rumours on November 29 at their concert, "MBLAQ Curtain Call.

Nov 30, 2014 08:14 PM GMT
(Photo : J.Tune Camp)

MBLAQ has finally broke their silence on they break-up rumours on November 29 at their concert, "MBLAQ Curtain Call."

MBLAQ had preformed their songs from debut until the 7th mini album, showing their fans how far they have reached from the day they started.

Being that the contracts of Lee Joon and Thunder have been said to expire, fans and the group felt very emotional.

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Fans also gave their gratitude as messages saying, "Thank you for being with us for five years," "I’m happy because there’s MBLAQ," were shown.

After their performance for the song, "This is War," the group addressed the rumours of break-up, as Mir stated as tears fell down, "I didn’t know that five years could go this fast." Seungho, and the rest of the group could not hold back their tears. "Honestly, this isn’t the end. We were upset that we seem like we don’t think like that because of many different speculations. We wanted to say it straight from our mouths but since this is a sensitive topic, we couldn’t speak out. This is not the end (for us), it just looked that way. Please don’t worry. The five of us will get together again and become one," added Mir.

Thunder then stated, "I think that it’s hard for our friends and family who have protected and supported one person for a long time. All of you gave us a lot in the last five years, and we tried very hard to repay you but as much as we’ve tried, we don’t know if you get strength when you hear our music. We hope to continue seeing you in the future."

"There were many theories about withdrawal and discord within the group. If I were to speak as a representative, I would say that there’s nothing decided (yet) and we hope you would trust our words and don’t hear what others say," Seungho stated.

As the concert was about to end, Seungho stated in a video message of the group, Even if we go our own ways, we will try so that the name MBLAQ will not be erased. I’m happy because I have all of you and because of MBLAQ.”

He then went on, "This short separation is in order to bring an even better appearance to all of you,” said G.O. “Please support us until that day when we come to find you again.".

Lee Joon then said, "We debuted when I was 21 years old, and now I am 27. There’s an old saying that says even brushing past a person is one’s karma, so I’m thankful that you’ve loved MBLAQ. When a long time has passed, you could forget about words in your memory but I hope you remember this moment. I will work hard and do well in the army."

Thunder said, "The last five years would be the moment that I couldn’t forget the most."  Mir stated, "Because you cheered for us hard, I think we were able to work even harder. The last five years were the most wonderful years of my life. Although the first part of MBLAQ’s curtain call has ended, I became the perfect Mir and was able to stand in front of the fans."

Rumours have been up recently that the group was breaking up as contracts of Thunder and Lee Joon were about to expire. 


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