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Bumkey Goes in his Second Trial, Witness Stated that the Rapper Sold Meth to Him

Bumkey goes to his second trial

Dec 12, 2014 10:26 PM GMT
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Bumkey went to his second trial on December 11, as he gets arrested for distributing Methamphetamine and Ecstacy.

It was expected that there will be three witnesses but only one, named Mr. Song, appeared before the trial.

Mr. Song stated that he had bought methamphetamine from Bumkey in the year 2011-2012, stating that he did this on multiple occasions and was sold about 1-2 grams of the drug.

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Though the incident happened 2-3 years ago, Mr. Song, when asked when and where they did the transactions of purchasing illicit drugs, was unable to recall the exact time and place of the incident. Being that, the court will judge on his statement if this is true or not.

When asked by the prosecution, Mr Song have answered at once but when it comes to the attorneys of the defendant, Mr. Song answered, "don’t remember" and "It’s been too long, so I don’t really know."

The defendants lawyer objected to Mr. Song's testimony, however, the prosecution stated that, "It has been a while”" and “The witness met up with Bumkey many times for reasons other than methamphetamine . He also purchased methamphetamine  from Bumkey many more times than is listed on the arraignment sheet, so that is why he is getting confused." However, the defense made a point that it will be hard to prove their client is in fault as details like this are important.

Since the trial did not clear anything yet, there will be another trial on January 15. Through a subpoena, the other two witnesses are invited to air their side.

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