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SHINee Makes "Everybody" Dance to Their Practice Video

The boys of SHINee decided to come out with a video choreography for the song "Everybody" SHINee comes back with a dance practice of their new track, "Everybody.

Oct 22, 2013 01:23 PM BST

SHINee comes back with a dance practice of their new track, "Everybody." The video makes netizens laugh as the boys have a session for a short talk.

The boys said that it is time to give gratitude to fans for all the love and support they have shown for the music video of the song, with that, they decided to come out with a choreography video.

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But, before the practice was about to start, the boys have the viewers giggling as they each claim that the important moves in the choreography are their own parts. Onew made fans laugh as he says assertively, "The key move is my propeller move. You might not even be able to see my arms in this video," and then Jonghyun asks, "Oh because your arms move that fast? It must be like a helicopter where you can't see the propellers" and Key teases, "Oh what if you fly away because you're moving so fast?". Onew replies, "Oh yeah I've actually flown once before."

Jonghyun then identifies that the important part of the whole choreography is not a dance move, but his face. The other members looks like they don't agree much then Minho cuts off the talk session, going on ahead in the dance clip.

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