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"Let's Eat 2" Stars Yoon Doojon and Seo Hyun Jin Share The Secret Behind Their Amazing Chemistry

They look so good together even the director wants to add scenes specifically made for them!

Apr 6, 2015 04:54 AM BST
TAGㆍDoojoonBEASTB2STSeo Hyun Jin
Doojoon, Seo Hyun Jin

The second season of TVN's popular drama series "Let's Eat" will soon premiere, and fans cannot help but adore the cute chemistry that is happening between BEAST's Doojon and actress Seo Hyun Jin's characters.

Doojoon and Seo Hyun Jin take on two of the main leads in "Let's Eat" and people couldn't help but notice that great chemistry between the stars while they were filming the series. At the press conference for "Let's Eat", held at the Times Square Seoul, Doojoon and Seo Hyun Jin shared the secret behind why they are able to work together comfortably.

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Seo Hyun Jin shared, "At first I thought our chemistry would only work if I did my part well. Yoon Doojon, for his part, also did well in the first season. But it's not all acting; we really work together so well because we feel comfortable with each other since the very beginning. Also, even though there's an age gap between us, we're like friends."

Doojoon also said, "Hyun Jin noona is already than me by 4 years and she's the same age as my older sister. I think that's the reason why we clicked so fast. She also has a very bright personality and she treats me so well. Hyun Jin is like the vitamin on the set. I'm grateful for her because I get a big dose of Vitamin C all the time [when she's around]."

Even the director of the drama series is hooked on their chemistry! Park Junha PD praised the chemistry between the two and said, "They are really a good match and they really look good together to the point that even though it's not necessary, I want to add some mellows for just the two of them."

"Let's Eat 2" premieres today, April 6, at 11PM KST.

TagㆍDoojoonBEASTB2STSeo Hyun Jin
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