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Due to the 16-Year Old Gap, Tony Ahn Opens Up that There was a Time when His Relationship with Girl's Day Hyeri was on the Rocks

Every relationship has its ups and downs and Tony Ahn and Girl's Day Hyeri is not exempted from it

Oct 25, 2013 02:42 PM BST
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Tony Ahn and Hyeri

Every relationship has its ups and downs and with Tony Ahn and Girl's Day Hyeri, it seems like the same with every relationship, they also experienced obstacles to the point that they were in the verge of breaking up because of their 16-year difference.

In a recent filming of MBC's "Quiz to Change the World,"when asked what does Hyeri call him, Tony replied, "At first, Hyeri called me "daesunbaenim" (sunbae or senior who is much older or has much more experience), but now she just calls me 'oppa'. The best part about our relationship is that we understand each other well."

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What surprised his fellow guests and the hosts of the show is that because of their 16-year age gap, they previously tried to break up during the early stage of their relationship. Because of the said difference, Tony opened up that he had proposed that they part ways. He also said that he had attempts to delete her in his phone but because of something that Hyeri did later, they decided to continue with the relationship.

Wondering how they saved their relationship? Stay tuned to the airing of the program this October 26.

TagㆍTony AhnGirl's DayHyeri

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