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Photo of Tao Buying His Own Medicines Angers Fans

Fans concern for Tao doubled after seeing the singer struggling in crutches as he buys medicines.

Apr 7, 2015 05:32 AM BST
(Photo : Instiz)

Last week, it was confirmed that EXO's Tao will have to sit out of the group's promotions for "Call Me Baby" due to his worsened ankle injury. However, instead of the suggested "rest" Tao should be having, it seems that the idol is the one who's burdened to buy his own medicines.

2 days ago a photo of EXO member Tao circulated online and sparked the ire and concern of his fans. The photos were uploaded by fans who spotted Tao wearing crutches as he goes out of a drugstore. It was said that Tao personally bought his own medicine from the pharmacy. Being in crutches, it was evident that Tao is in need of assistance from his managers or staff. However, it is saddening to note that the singer was alone and unaccompanied and was obviously struggling to walk with his injured foot.

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What made fans angry was the fact that Tao could have just stayed at home to rest and just have someone else buy his medicines for him.  Since the singer is still recovering, fans speculated that the medicines he bought are for his wounded foot.

One fan commented, "Where was his manager? What if fans swarmed around him? It's just dangerous since he's hurt too!"

It was revealed that Tao's foot injury has worsened after getting several foot injuries last year starting with his injury when he participated in the Idol Sport Athletic Championship.

Although it was not specified, it seems that Tao will not be able to participate full for the rest of EXO's activities until April.

With regard to this photo of Tao, SM Entertainment has not released an official statement to explain their side.

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