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Staff Reveals Lay Would Rather Starve Than Dishonor His Contract

It is revealed that Lay will stay true to his contract with the best of his abilities. EXO's Lay has been receiving a lot of praise for his dedication to EXO.

Apr 14, 2015 11:45 AM BST

EXO's Lay has been receiving a lot of praise for his dedication to EXO. In a previous interview, Lay revealed his reaction to when his fellow EXO members asked him if he would leave the group just like Kris and Luhan. Thoughtful and emotional, Lay said that he feels a sense of responsibility in keeping the group together. "I will not leave EXO," Lay said with conviction.

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Other than his loyalty to his group, a staff member close to Lay shared another instance of Lay honoring his contract to the best of his abilities.

In the same interview with Chinese publication SM Weekly on April 13 a staff member narrated a story which is now called the "Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) Incident".

EXO is known to endorse international food franchise KFC. According to the staffer, there was a time Lay and his mother were at the airport, and the idol was starving because he hasn't eat all day. "There was only a McDonald's branch at the airport, and no KFC. Lay's mother offered to buy him McDonald's instead, but he declined the offer explaining, 'I have an endorsement deal with KFC. I have to honor it."

The staff continued to narrate that at the time Lay's mom was a bit agitated and began to question why Lay would think that way even though he was starving so much. "Lay explained to his mother that he can't eat [McDonald's] because he is an artist with a contract [with KFC]. Lay also told his mom not to eat [McDonald's] since his son is an artist who endorses [KFC]," the staff said.

Looks like Lay is indeed a man of loyalty.

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