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Gyuri Talks About Her Goddess Image and Ideal Type

Gyuri commented on her "goddess" nickname and her ideal guy.

May 4, 2015 02:52 PM BST

KARA member Gyuri showed her goddess image in her latest pictorial and interview with "International bnt". Together with this, Gyuri commented on her "goddess" nickname and her ideal guy.

Gyuri said that the "goddess image" came from her. 'Honestly, the 'goddess image' was something I cooked up when I thought, 'I should do something while appearing in variety shows.' Right now I don't want to try so hard anymore. I just want people to see me with a more natural image."

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This KARA member also revealed herself to be somewhat SNS savvy. She said that an efficient way for her to know her popularity level is through checking the likes her photos get on Instagram. "I feel that I am popular when my Instagram pictures get 100 likes a minute. When that occurs, I think, 'A lot of people are watching me right now,' and 'I should improve.' I'm also very touched when international fans tell me they make use of a translator just to understand what I'm saying."

Gyuri revealed that one of her closes friends with KARA member Seungyeon, whom she's known for 9 years. "We've known each other for 9 years. Even when we don't talk, we still understand each other," Gyuri said.

As to what she's looking for in a man, Gyuri described her ideal type as someone who is manly and funny, but all the while still keeping it professional. She named actor Jung Jae Young as the man who fits her ideal type.

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