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SM Entertainment Explains Why Sulli Was Not Included in f(x)'s Baskin Robbins CF

Sulli's non-appearance once again unearthed rumors and speculations about her leaving f(x).

May 5, 2015 02:20 PM BST

Baskin Robbins recently released a CF featuring its brand endorser f(x). However, the CF stirred a buzz as f(x) member Sulli was noticeably absent from the said commercial. Sulli's non-appearance once again unearthed rumors and speculations about her leaving f(x) which first came out when she suddenly went on hiatus from group activities last year. Baskin Robbins and SM Entertainment have released individual statements to explain why Sulli is not in the CF.

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"Sulli is not included in f(x)'s contract [with Baskin Robbins]," the brand rep explained, "When the contract was drafted and signed, Sulli was caught up in a dating scandal with Choiza. Thus, after discussing matters with SM Entertainment, we decided to sign the contract without Sulli's involvement."

SM Entertainment responded to speculations that Sulli's absence from the CF marks her looming departure from f(x). The agency denied rumors about Sulli's disbandment from the group. "Sulli's absence from f(x)'s [Baskin Robbins] CF was due to her hiatus at the time the contract [with Baskin Robbins] was signed. There are no other reasons behind her non-appearance."

In recall, Sulli officially went on hiatus starting July 25, 2014. She's only re-appeared in the limelight later that year to attend promotions for her movie "Fashion King".

Meanwhile, f(x)'s Victoria, Luna, Amber, and Krystal will appear in Baskin Robbin's summer special "bingsu" or shaved ice dessert CF in which they will lunch the "Shaved Ice Song" this month.

Also, f(x) is scheduled to make a comeback, as confirmed from an official statement from SM Entertainment's rep.

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