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Jaekyung’s Little Brother Jaehyun Talks About Supporting Her Big Sis and Rainbow

N.Flying's Jaehyun says he supports his sister although that means breaking some rules.

May 7, 2015 01:11 PM BST
jaekyung, jaehyun

Rainbow's Jaekyung's little brother Jaehyun participated in an interview with Sports DongA in which he talked about N.Flying's upcoming debut and his personal preferences when it comes to female idol groups.

N.Flying is scheduled to debut this May, but before Jaehyun and his group could melt your hearts, he candidly talked about his amazing relationship with his sister Jaekyung.

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Jaehyun was asked to choose between their FNC Entertainment label mate AOA and her sister's group Rainbow. Without hesitation Jaehyun chose AOA over Rainbow. "[The members of AOA] are really pretty."

Jaehyun said, however, that while he thinks the Rainbow girls are also pretty he'll always see them as his noonas. "The Rainbow members are pretty, too, but I've seen them in different concepts ever since I was young. I particularly saw my sister Jaekyung in a variety images. Moreover, I see the members of Rainbow as my noonas. I've know them since I was in elementary school and they took care of me ever since I was young. I can't see them as women," Jaehyun said. Jaehyun grew up with the members of Rainbow hanging out at their home and having snacks, that's why he's always regarded him as his big sisters.

Jaehyun and Jaekyung are known to be pretty close and it shows in how the younger brother is supporting his big sis. According to Jaehyun there's a particular rule at FNC Entertainment's men's gym that you can't play other girl group's songs when AOA is promoting. "Nevertheless, I still have the authority to play Rainbow's song and listen to it," the proud brother said. He also revealed that Jaekyung gets mad at him if he sings any of Rainbow's less successful songs. "'Don't sing it,' she would say angrily," according to Jaehyun.

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