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Shinhwa's Dongwan Studies Chinese In Preparation for His Role In a Jackie Chan Film

Dongwan goes to cram school to study Chinese!

May 17, 2015 03:10 PM BST
(Photo : MBC)

It was recently revealed that Shinhwa member Dongwan is prepping up to star in a Chinese film together with international star Jackie Chan. On the May 15th broadcast of MBC's "I Live Alone", Dongwan was spotted having English and Chinese classes to prepare for his film role.

On the May 15th episode of MBC's "I Live Alone" Dongwan attended a crash course in Chinese language to study something he has been postponing for quite something. In class, Dongwan told the other students, "I'm learning Chinese because I'm going to star in a Jackie Chan film," which drew a surprised reaction from fans.

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However, Dongwan made a hilarious statement to his previous one, saying, "Although Jackie Chan doesn't know me yet, I will do my very best and come as prepared as an actor after having studied diligently." Dongwan was seen to have participated well in class, focusing on the discussion and taking notes better than the other students.

When asked why he decided to go to a Chinese language "cram" school, Dongwan explained, "When I was studying Japanese, I self-studied with the help of a tutor. However, I wasn't competing with [other students], so I couldn't push myself to get better. Plus, when I talked one-on-one with the tutor, our topics were limited. In 'cram' school, there are different people participating so there's more room to talk about varied topics so the discussions are endless. That's why I prefer studying foreign languages in a 'cram' school."

If you're not familiar with the term, a "cram" school are specialized schools that are geared in teaching more particular subjects. The name suggests in itself that in cram school students are expected to study large amounts of material in such a short period of time, hence literally having students "cram".

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