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Yang Hyun Suk on WINNER and iKON: "There's a need for iKON and WINNER to improve themselves even more"

Yang Hyun Suk's got the latest update on iKON and WINNER's activities.

May 18, 2015 04:29 PM BST

In a recent interview, YG Entertainment's Yang Hyun Suk gave another round of updates about iKON, WINNER, and the current comeback kings BIG BANG.

BIG BANG had one helluva successful comeback with their double title track release for "Loser" and "Bae Bae". With this, expectation are growing higher for the group's upcoming releases as part of their "MADE Series" project. As previously reveled, BIG BANG will come out with new tracks each month until September when their full-length "MADE" album will be released officially. While Yang Hyun Suk had said before that other YG artists will stage their comeback after BIG BANG, many are wondering if some of them will be going head to head with BIG BANG considering the group's monthly promotions.

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"YG Entertainment artists other than Big Bang will have their comebacks in October. We haven't really discussed the comeback dates for the other artists. What's important right now is that none of our artists overlap with Big Bang's promotions," Yang Hyun Suk clarified.

With that said, fans can be assured that junior groups WINNER and iKON will have their own chance to shine without having to compete with Big Bang.

Yang Hyun Suk then pointed his discussion to WINNER's comeback and iKON's much-anticipated debut. The CEO said while WINNER is in a hurry to have their comeback, the agency is more focused on preparing iKON for their debut. "I want [iKON] to debut this summer. Leader B.I. and the other members have already prepared 20 songs, but we're all still working together to create better songs. There's a need for iKON and WINNER to improve themselves even more, so we're working things out," Yang Hyun Suk assuredly said.

There's currently a lot of hype around iKON although they haven't officially made their debut. Perhaps this is due to the members' successful appearances in various TV programs and commercials. iKON, in contrast to WINNER, will focus more on hip hop music and will have an image fitting of their musical style.

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