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INFINITE's Sunggyu Was Top 2 In His Junior High

INFINITE's Sunggyu Was Quite The Smart Kid in School

May 24, 2015 05:07 PM BST
tablo sunggyu

INFINITE Sunggyu not only has the vocal chops that can melt girls' hearts, but he also has the brain capacity that will leave women in awe of his intellect. In the May 20 broadcast of MBC FM4U's "Dreaming Radio", Sunggyu guest starred for the program's "Please Take Care of School" segment in which he gives advice to students regarding school problems. This segment was created by the Ministry of Education to promote a happier and healthier educational environment for students.

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DJ Tablo revealed that Sunggyu performed well in school, a fact he knows because he and Sunggyu were in the same agency before INFINITE even made their debut. This led to a conversation that prompted Sunggyu to talk about his grades in school, to which he gave an impressive response: "I was top 2 in junior. When I started high school, I ranked within the top 10. But later on I joined the school band and had started to pay attention to my dreams. It came to a point where [I lost my focus] and didn't student as much anymore." Although Sunggyu says he doesn't have any regrets, he admits that if he could go back to his school days he would want to experience more things.

Aside from giving advice about school, Sunggyu also sang his new song "Day Dream" in which Tablo and Nell's Kim Jong Wan are featuring artists.

Now, let it be known that smart is the new sexy, and Sunggyu definitely fits the bill.

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