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Lee Jong Suk Says He Finds Fulfillment in Portraying Various Roles

In his photo shoot and interview with Allure Korea Lee Jong Suk talked about his fears how acting gives him a feeling of satisfaction.

May 25, 2015 04:47 PM BST
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25-year-old actor Lee Jong Suk has gone through several roles in his entire acting career, and he received many awards for his performances, too. Like all actors, Lee Jong Suk enjoys filling the shoes of various characters and embracing different personalities. In his photo shoot and interview with Allure Korea Lee Jong Suk talked about his fears as an actor and what he wants to achieve from acting.

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Lee Jong Suk basked in the warm, tropical climate of Hawaii where the pictorial was taken. The actor looked chic and summer-ready in fun tropical prints, light fabrics, and beach hair.

Lee Jong Suk first started as a model before making his way to acting. Ever since he made his acting debut, people haven't taken their eyes off handsome star. Lee Jong Suk finds acting hard, and watching the end result through broadcasts or premieres gives him strange, yet satisfying feeling. "My life as Lee Jong Suk is very boring, but I spend my days in a meaningful way by playing a character that's different from who I really am. I find that very satisfying," the actor shared.

It's traditional for any artist-whether a singer, actor, model, or all three-to set a career goal for himself. Lee Jong Suk revealed he wants to reach a point where people will be able to recognize him as an actor. Lee Jong Suk said, "You know how there are actors whose movies you're eager to watch just because they're in it? I want to be that kind of actor. I always assure my friends that I wouldn't be out making trouble."

More of Lee Jong Suk will be featured in Allure 2015.

TagㆍLee Jong Suk

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