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Dasom and Jinwoon Find Delight In A Smartphone-Free World

Although the whole world is reliant on smartphones and other tech, Dasom and Jinwoon said it was nice being separated from their smartphones for a while.

May 27, 2015 02:46 PM BST
dasom, jinwoon

The cast of the upcoming season of "Laws of the Jungle" attended the product presentation at the SBS headquarters in Mokdong. During this press conference, 2AM's Jinwoon and SISTAR's Dasom shared their thoughts about being marooned in an island and separated from the rest of civilization.

But instead of being bummed about not having the luxury to use electronic devices, Jinwoon actually likes the idea of a life free of smartphones. "The good thing about being in the jungle is not just the natural environment, but the fact that you're cut off from the rest of civilization. [In the real world] our lives are very hectic because our lives are filling up to the brim with work. Of course, participating in 'Laws of the Jungle' is still considered work, but I was happy that my phone was taken away. It's an experience you can only have through 'Laws of the Jungle'. [Because we can't communicate to anyone beyond the jungle] you can't worry about anyone and other people can't worry about you, too," Jinwoon said profoundly.

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SISTARs' Dasom was also in agreement with Jinwoon's sentiment, "I agree 200% with Jinwoon. There have been several instances wherein I was very happy living without my smartphone. [On the show] it was a great experience to be able to cook your own food in different way with only the ingredients we can find in the jungle." Looks like these two are very fond of the outdoors and going on a nature trip.

The upcoming season of "Laws of the Jungle" will take us to Yap Islands which is located in the Western part of the Pacific Ocean and  part of Micronesia. Joining the adventure are Jinwoon, Dasom, Kangnam, Kim Byung Man, Ryu Seung Soo, Ryu Dam, Bae Soo Bin, Eun Ji Won, Yoo Sang Hyun, Lee Jung Jin, Park Han Byul, and Lee Yi Kyung. The series will premiere on May 29.


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