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Park Han Byul Reveals Her Worries About Appearing In Her First Variety Show Ever

Park Han Byul joins the cast of "Laws of the Jungle: Yap" Islands, but the actress revealed she was hesitant to participate at first.

May 28, 2015 02:54 PM BST
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Actress Park Han Byul will join the cast of the upcoming season of the reality program "Laws of The Jungle". The actress revealed that she was initially hesitant about participating in the program because she doesn't have that much experience in the variety show department.

At the press conference for "Laws of The Jungle", Park Han Byul said, "I was worried at first because I don't have that much experience [in variety], but I don't regret my decision of pushing through with [appearing on the show]."

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"The Girl Who Sees Smells" star said that she never imagined being part of "Laws of the Jungle", which is also one of the reasons why she was nervous about taking part in the show. This is also Park Han Byul's first time to star in a variety show, let alone become one of the fixed cast members. The variety show first-timer seems to have had a lot of fears going into the show. "The female stars who appeared on the show previously did so well, even as I watched them eat bugs. I felt burdened because comparing myself to them I thought I had nothing else to offer. Also, I'm the type of person that speaks my mind and not filter what I say, so I was worried that people might misunderstand me in a negatively light. Nevertheless, I set aside all my worries and fears because an opportunity like this doesn't always come. In the end, ['Laws of the Jungle'] turned out to be a great experience," Park Han Byul shared.

The new season of "Laws of The Jungle" is set in Yap Islands, which is located in Micronesia. The series will premiere on May 29. 

TagㆍPark Han Byul

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