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Henry Talks About How People From Different Cultures Profess Their Love

Super Junior-M member Henry was a special guest on the May 29 episode of MBC's "Quiz to Change the World".

May 30, 2015 03:52 PM BST
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Super Junior-M member Henry was a special guest on the May 29 episode of MBC's "Quiz to Change the World". On the show Henry talked about designing his own furniture, fluency in various languages, and his former girlfriend of 7 years.

For starters, Henry is a man of many talents; he can sing, dance, and speak many languages. But Henry is also the "if there's a will, there's a way" type of guy especially when it comes to being very particular about his furniture. Henry narrated that there was one time he was looking around for furniture, but couldn't find anything that best suited his taste. As a result, he came to the realization that maybe he should design one for himself. His design wowed everybody at the studio.

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As from being very crafty, Henry is also multi-lingual. Specifically, he can speak 6 languages with fluency. "I think it's amazing to be able to confess your feelings in different languages. In English we say, 'Baby, I love you.' People in Thailand are very sweet, and usually use terms of endearment such as 'My angel.'"

Henry added that out of all the languages and cultures he's observed, he very interested in Korean's way of professing their love for someone. "[Koreans] have to drink [soju and beer] first. Instead of forthrightly saying 'I love you,' they say 'What do you think [of me]?' or 'Should we try dating?'"

In relation to this, Henry transitioned to the topic of dating. Talking from personal experience, the "1-4-3" singer said that although he is being portrayed as a player he actually only had one girlfriend ever. "We were together for 7 years before calling it quits. I've never seen her again ever since I moved to Korea. I contacted her not too long ago, but she told me that I should never contact her again. She told me she was getting married," Henry said. But with a smile, Henry added, "Well, I'm married now as well."

Tagㆍsuper junior mHenry

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