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Guess Who Was Drunk While Filming "We Like 2 Party"?

Hint: all of them.

Jun 5, 2015 03:50 PM BST
TAGㆍBig Bang
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We've probably all seen Big Bang's "We Like 2 Party" music video. In the video, the members of Big Bang let loose and showed a more carefree side of themselves; they are seen having a crazy party and drinking alcohol, all in celebration of a good summer's day. But the antics that came about in the video aren't all scripted. In fact the members were actually under the influence of alcohol while filming the MV.

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This was shared by a representative from the agency, who explained, "Instead of having them act, we wanted to show a more natural scenario. We wanted to capture the members' raw emotions. That's why before they started filming the members were having drinks in the studio. [As a result] you will see a more confident and carefree version of Big Bang."

During the "Big Bang Countdown" livestream, T.O.P had already revealed that he drank four cans of prior to filming "We Like 2 Party". He clarified that he only did so because they wanted to so show a very honest depiction of themselves and how they relate to the song through the cameras.

It is safe to say that their goal to have a "less-scripted" music video has been achieved and viewers are enjoying it. This unfiltered, and raw image and their very honest behind-the-scene story has made the video all the more appealing and enjoyable.

Currently, "We Like 2 Party" has exceeded over a million views on YouTube. The song is also doing well in local and global charts together with "Bang Bang Bang".

TagㆍBig Bang
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