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Park Shin Hye Share Her Thoughts About Marriage

The actress reveals that her ideal marriage is that of her parents.

Jun 5, 2015 04:00 PM BST
TAGㆍPark Shin Hye
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Beautiful actress Park Shin Hye talked about marriage in the latest installment of SBS show "Some Guy, Some Girl".

On the June 2 broadcast of "Some Guy, Some Girl", talked about her thoughts on marriage and family life. "It is a dream of mine to get married. Watching my mom and dad, I also wanted to live happily like them [in a relationship], so I first thought I should get married at age 23. Since I made it a life goal to settle down [because of my parents], it developed a side effect such as I only wanted to date a man who [had the same qualities] as my father. Even though I meet someone good, I end up weighing his bad side more than the good and I would compare him to my father who is family oriented," Park Shin Hye said, saying that her ideal man is someone with the same personality and traits as her father.

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The actress also acknowledged Chae Jung An whom she described as the person who taught her on how to behave around men. "I learned a lot from [Chae Jung An' unnie about how to act in the presence of men," Park Shin Hye said, to which Chae Jung An replied, "I was worried she wouldn't grow into a woman. Honestly, Park Shin Hye liked Gong Yoo so she called me to ask if she could be introduced to Gong Yoo." It was also said that Park Shin Hye acted differently when she was with Gong Yoo.

Could "Three Meals a Day" star Taecyeon satisfy what Park Shin Hye is looking for?

TagㆍPark Shin Hye
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