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Lee Min Ho To Star In Internationally-Produced Action-Comedy "Bounty Hunters"

Lee Min Ho will take on the movies lead role-a bounty hunter who is smart and highly skilled in martial arts.

Jun 10, 2015 03:10 PM BST
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lee min ho

Top Hallyu star Lee Min Ho is set to star in an international movie titled "Bounty Hunters". The news about Lee Min Ho's casting was confirmed by no other than his agency, Starhaus Entertainment.

According to Starhaus Entertainment, "Bounty Hunters" will be produced by three entertainment agency namely Hong Kong-based production company Pegasus Motion Pictures, Shanghai-based production company Harmonious Entertainment, and Starhaus Entertainment itself. Reports say the producers shelled out a whopping $31 million USD to fund the movie, and that the source was channeled from investments in China, Korea, and Hong Kong. The movie will be directed by Shin Tae Ra who gained recognition for directing the 2009 action-comedy hit "My Girlfriend is An Agent".

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"Bounty Hunters" is another action genre project for the "Gangnam 1970" star. But the movie will also have a hint of comedy and romance to give viewers a breather from the serious action scenes.

Lee Min Ho will take on the movies lead role-a bounty hunter who is smart and highly skilled in martial arts. His character has been described as generically tough, but shelters an unpredictable and somewhat adorable personality.

The Korean heartthrob will star alongside a Chinese actress who will play the leading lady. However, the specific identity of the actress has not been disclosed yet. There are rumors, however, that model-actress Angel Yeung (more popular known as Angelababy) may already have the role in the bag.

"Bounty Hunters" is a story of individuals who go on a life-threatening journey to catch fugitives in exchange for a hefty reward. Lee Min Ho and the rest of the cast and crew will begin filming in August and in various locations in Korea, Hong Kong, China, and Thailand. 

Tagㆍlee min ho

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