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Lee Joon Says He "Got Lucky" With His Acting Success

He added that it is his goal to "become an actor that is sincere in whatever it is he does."

Jul 12, 2015 04:42 PM BST
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Lee Joon has received a lot of props for his acting performances from movies to dramas. So how does he prepare for his roles and get into character all the time? At "The Medici 2015", Lee Joon shared his thoughts on his acting career and his peculiar roles such as the psychopath Ryu Tae Oh in "Gapdong" and the young father Han In Sang in "Heard It Through the Grapevine".

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In "Heard It Through the Grapevine", Lee Joon plays Han In Sang, a young man who accident gets his girlfriend pregnant. "Unlike my character's parents in the series, my [real life] parents are actually very warm and friendly. That's why I thought of Yoo Joon Sang as a sunbae instead of a parent. I thought about the scary seniors in high school, and as a result I found myself avoiding eye contact with him."

Lee Joon took on a darker character in "Gapdong" in which he played a psychopath. "I couldn't image [what being a psychopath] is like, so I built my character through research by watching videos on YouTube. Honestly, I can't even kill a mosquito," explaining how his "Gapdong" character was extremely different to his real personality.

There aren't a lot of idols who found massive success in the acting industry. Lee Joon is one of the few who managed to successful shift from being an idol and into becoming a full-fledged actor. When asked if he got lucky, Lee Joon explained that he owes "Ninja Assassin" his acting success. "It's very unusual for a 20-year-old guy who doesn't know anything [about acting] star in a Hollywood movie. It's not that I worked harder than others back then, but I think it was because a bore some semblance to Rain that I got to appear in that film. I think it was more of luck than ability [to act]. After ["Ninja Assassin"] I worked hard to become that person [who got acknowledged] because of his talent." He added that it is his goal to "become an actor that is sincere in whatever it is he does."

TagㆍLee Joon

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