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HyunA Say She's Still Good Friends With Wonder Girls

"We still look out for each other."

Aug 24, 2015 12:33 PM BST
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Han Guru and 4Minute's Hyuna at Marc by Marc Jacobs 2014 Launching Event

4minute member HyunA is currently promoting her solo track "Because I'm The Best", which coincides with Wonder Girls' promotion schedule for their comeback track "I Feel You". If you don't already know the connection between these two musical acts, HyunA is a former member of Wonder Girls. She left the group in 2007 due to health reasons for training under Cube Entertainment and joining 4minute. Although her years as a member of Wonder Girls member has long passed, HyunA still remains good friends with her former group mates.

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At a recent press con for her promotions, HyunA was asked to share her thoughts on promoting on the same schedule as Wonder Girls. "It's sad that our promotions only overlap until next week," HyunA said implying that she'll miss promoting at the same time as Wonder Girls.

"As soon as I watched Wonder Girls' MV, I called Yenny. I was acting really silly and told her, 'Unnie, why do I feel so emotional?' I'm one of the people who's the most excited for Wonder Girls' comeback."

"[Yenny and I] are close, and because of that, instead of talking about our new songs we ended up chatting about personal things. I told her, 'Make sure you eat well... Take care of yourself because your schedules are pretty hectic.' Unnie also told me, 'You worked hard for your upcoming solo as well.' We look out for each other that way," HyunA shared.

"I want to see Wonder Girls onstage so much. I know how long they were preparing, so I was moved [by their performance] and it made me feel happy. It makes me feel good that a lot of people are loving [Wonder Girls'] new song."

HyunA concluded that she and the members of Wonder Girls show a lot of respect and support for one another, even though they may clash on the same promotional cycle.

TagㆍHyunAWonder Girls
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