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Seohyun Reveals She Teaches Good Habits to Fellow SNSD Members

Looks like the maknae is in control!

Aug 24, 2015 08:10 AM BST
TAGㆍSeohyunGirls Generation
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Girls Generation members Seohyun guest-starred on the August 19 episode of "Radio Star" during which she dished out on some insider details on Hyoyeon and Sooyoung's habits.

During the interview, the group's maknae shared that she is trying to influence her unnies with good habits. Seohyun revealed that she told Hyoyeon to get into reading, and suggested to Sooyoung that she should start waking up early in the morning.

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As to why she's telling the other members to do this and that, the youngest explained, "Hyoyeon once found reading difficult. She told me that [reading] books doesn't suit her image well sp she wouldn't read anymore because she found it embarrassing."

Waking up early is a practical and efficient habit to get into your system, and it seems that Seohyun is trying to inculcate such into the daily lifestyle of her co-members. The singer explained that she was trained to wake up early in middle school so that she would still have time to study. "I realized that if I could [be trained] to do it, then I could do the same for the members of Girls' Generation," Seohyun explained.

Also on the show, Seohyun serenaded viewers with her own rendition of the hit Disney track "Let It Go".

Aside from injecting good habits into their daily routine, Girls' Generation is busy promoting their new song "Lion Heart" which peaked at the top of multiple charts locally and overseas. It was recently reported that "Lion Heart" topped several iTunes charts in various countries, proving that the girls still have what it takes to dominate the music scene.

TagㆍSeohyunGirls Generation
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