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Mino shares his struggles with criticism on "Show Me The Money 4"

"It got to a point when there were just too many negative comments."

Sep 7, 2015 08:20 PM BST

WINNER's resident rapper Mino is receiving a lot of attention with spotlight set on him in the controversial "Show Me The Money 4". In the show's special episode, the rapper talked about his struggles on the show including how he faced the issues thrown his way.

In recall, Mino received backlash for his one of his raps on "SMTM4". The controversial lyrics angered a lot of women and gynaecologists for being misogynistic and offensive to gynaecology as a profession. Mino revealed that the controversy affected his train of thoughts which eventually led to insomnia, "I had too many things going on in my head that I couldn't sleep. It resulted in me being conscious about other people's opinions."

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Mino explained further that it somewhat made him afraid of performing, "Because I did something wrong, sometimes I would think that I should just perform the songs that I had prepared and then leave."

The rapper also sang the same tune during his interview for the show on August 28. The member of WINNER shared, "In my mind, I knew how I was going to win as I prepared to become a singer. But these days, it's becoming too difficult [to keep the positive mindset]. It hurts me when people say, 'Mino's going to win anyway."

He added that it got to a point when the negative comments just kept piling up, and when he told his family he was going to stay strong and not mind them negativity, his father couldn't help but tear up.

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